Saturday, July 28, 2012

Woof, woof

 Wouldn't you think the master and mistress would be used to me waking them by now?  If they aren't downstairs at a time that seems right to me I whine.  Loudly.  Then one of them come to give me breakfast and make a cup of tea.  Then I thunder upstairs to wake the other one.  Surely they can hear me coming?  It seems not, I launch myself onto the bed and they look so surprised to see me.  If they don't move I sit on them until they do!  If that doesn't work I bark very loudly, they have to move then.  As soon as they get their act together I lie down.  I like that bed, it's comfy.  Sometimes if master is away I settle up there with the mistress until she is ready to sleep but she fidgets too much for me to stay there.  It has been known for the cat to sleep there as well but it makes the bed a bit crowded, it's bad enough having to share the settee with that cat.  And when Henners or Simba stay they want to share as well.
Looking ahead, apparently later in the year we're going travelling so mistress found a site that tells me all about other walks. 

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