Thursday, January 21, 2016


Mistress has told me I need more exercise!  I probably do but I think she's off on one of her obsessive missions to shape up herself rather than me.  Wonder how long it will last this time?
As for me I'm in the dog house, have been for some months now since I did a silly thing & ran away with a ball.  I was missing hours & very damp & shaky when I was found so I suppose it's all my fault but they won't let me near a ball anymore.
On a positive note we spent a few days at Forest Holidays Sherwood Pines. Robin Hood country.  I was able to walk & run off the lead for miles with my mate Diesel.
Mistress & young mistress (Diesels mistress) spent the evenings in a hot tub.  Never did get my head around that one - neither did Master or young mistress's boyfriend!  I could have got my head around chasing the squirrels though if they'd let me.

The Might Oak of Sherwood Forest - the Legend of Robin Hood.