Saturday, December 29, 2012

Woodland walks

So I've been away for a while, it's been raining very wet rain & not good for picture taking.  Before Christmas I went for walks in the woods over at Witherslack with mistress and her friend who lives there.  I like going there as I can walk run off lead in many of the woodlands.  I always go back and check mistress is still there of course.  She keeps telling me I'm a good boy which I know.
Simba came to stay for Christmas Eve and when young mistress got the vacuum out Christmas morning Simba got in the way and young mistress told her off so she went to sulk on a chair!!
I got a big chewy bone as a present but it didn't last long as I have big strong jaws!!

Today we went to another wood at Witherslack and it poured down, so we splashed through the puddles.  I've got over my dislike of rain if it means fun outside.  I just don't like going out in it if it's a routine walk!
When we got home I wanted to help master make the pastry for a steak pie but somwhow it didn't quite work out..................

Friday, November 23, 2012

Through the parkland

Mistress took me to run around some woods today but had to put me on the lead to go through some fancy parkland at Dallam Tower.  We saw deer & sheep there.
First though we went to see the Fairey Steps near Beetham.
 This parkland looked like fun to run around but I wasn't allowed.  The local residents object it seems.  I wasn't interested in them anyway .
  Can you see the deer in the
Then we went past the Heron Corn Mill.  Now a hydro electric driven paper mill on the River Bela.  Can't see what all the fuss was about when they applied for planning, all I could see was a small building on the side!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Big Airplanes

Pictures of "Just Jane" / City of Sheffield Lancaster Bomber.

We went here because they could take me, though why I should want to wander around a draughty hanger & across a damp and soggy airfield I don't know!  Young master was suitably impressed though.

Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary

There were more than seals at this place apparently but I wasn't invited.  The mistress and young master went though and brought these pictures back. I went for my adventure with the master instead.

Half term holiday

 What a great week!  The journey was a pain, I was stuck in the back of a car for hours!!  Well we did stop to stretch our legs twice.  The second time I met two other dogs at someones house.  (The mistress said it was her cousin Sharon's place)
When we arrived at the caravan site, Sunnydale, master took me to explore in the dark!!  so next day we all went for a long walk on the dunes.  I could run for miles, well if they hadn't kept calling me back I could have done. 
I did a big dive off a pill box but the mistress missed the landing.

Master took me for a long walk one afternoon and I managed to run off twice, once with a dead bird and once with a dead rabbit.  Dillon two, master one.  Ha!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Local wander through the woods

Mistress took me and the master for a walk in some woods today.  The weather was cold but sunny.  Mistress only had her phone camera - AGAIN which means she couldn't get any action shots!
We were up a hill and the views of Kendal and the castle were amazing.

Me and the master having a breather

The sky realy was this blue

If it doesn't rain tomorrow we're going back with a proper camera.  Wonder if we'll stop at the pub on the way back again??

Two weeks back

I went for a walk to Natland along the path of the old canal a couple of weeks ago and this was the view back towards town. 
No views of the stiles I had to duck and dive around or under!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back to normal?

I've been going out and about with a plastic bag over my bandage for a week!  Oh really what a state to have been in.  However the bandage and the bag are now removed and I chased a ball again this week.  I wasn't quite going stir crazy you understand, I was being walked, but I love to chase my ball above all else.  I do still have to wear a neoprene & plastic sock for another week or so, just to make sure the cuts are fully healed and no dirt gets in.  Last weekend we walked around town, mistress forgot her camera.
This afternoon mistress took me for a walk around the back of the Helme, but then made the mistake of cutting across the far end & she got covered in mud!!!  It has been raining lately!
The view towards the wind farm by junction 37 of the M6, not that you can see the turbines in this picture though!
And this is me on the road back home.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Oh woe is me........

Sunday mistress left me with the master while she went to Ambleside with her friend.  Well it was rather wet and I don't like shopping so I didn't mind.  She did remember totake a couple of photos though.  Stockghyll pretty full from all the rain.
And the Bridge House.
Todays breaking news...................  I have a green bandage on my back paw.  Mistress had only been away for an hour and she came back to find me trailing rather a lot of blood around the house, and furniture!!!  I seem to have two deep cuts between my pads.  The mistress is hoping master will be able to shed some light on what happened when he took me out earlier.  I'm keeping quiet!
We got soaked going out to the vet as well, I had to have a plastic bag on my foot.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Silly mistress

She forgot to take any pictures.  Mind you all four of my paws were covered in mud, not my best look!  We explored a couple of bridlepaths not far from home.  We had to turn back on the first one as there were cattle showing too much interest in us.  The second one we did walk past some cows but they were too busy eating to bother us.  We ended up walking along a country lane, called Beehive Lane, near Old Hutton.  Very nice it was too, somewhere to explore further another day.  If you look on Google maps and search Beehive Lane, Kendal, LA8 then drag the little yellow man to the cross roads you get an idea of the landscape here.  Quite gentle hills, just right when a strenuous walk isn't required - that happens when the mistress gets confused!
Home to tea and a lie down.  Mistress however found she had to prick lots of sloes for this years gin, and tidy up after the master who was busy cooking and then he started baking so more mess for mistress.  But she tells me the food was good so she can't complain really!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yesterday and today

This was yesterday looking to Natland village to the left and Kendal to the right, taken from the Helme.  Seems to have become our regular Saturday walk!

Today we went over to the Rusland valley with the mistress' friend.  She walked Henry dog and I stayed with mistress. Dont we both look alert? There was the promise of an apple core!
This is the hamlet of Oxen Park taken from a bridlepath we followed.  Mistress decided we had to stick to bridlepaths as there are too many stiles on the footpaths and she knew she'd never lift Henry over one.  Anyway being lifted is the MOST undignified thing for a dog!
A few of the local inhabitants, fortunately these were on the other side of a wall.  And below some more native animals,  followed by a wider view of the scenery.

We walked for over two and a half hours in sunshine and the temperature was high enough for mistress to take her jacket off!  I just take it in my stride of course. 
Mistress certainly strode out, often through the mud!  The first part of the walk was through some rather boggy areas and some streams.  I have got used to walking through water now, I'm not always too keen given that I used to avoid water at all costs but it's not so bad now.  Henry of course loves water. But I'm not Henry.
Don't we take a good picture?  This is just to prove that we do go out of town!  We also found these poppies and a "pretty" thistle.
There you have it - more pictures and less writing!  I'm a little tired now after all that fresh air.  Henry was really tired and fell asleep pretty much straight after we got back.  He's gone home now and I've got my house back to myself.  Henry's no bother though, just makes walking harder whenthe master takes us out.  He can't cope with two leads.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My old chum Henners has come to stay for a week and a bit so yesterday mistress took us on the Helme for a walk. 

Today we went for a couple of hours on footpaths around town with mistress' friend.  Henry walked well for her and I actually walked well too!  I can surprise when the occasion suits you know!
BUT it rained and rained so no pictures.  There are plans for a long walk next weekend I'm told.  Hope Henners can keep the pace up!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Another sunny day

Today we walked up the Helm again.  Mistress had already walked into town and back so it was a slower walk.  Why she had her hair done before going out in the breeze again is beyond me but hey  what do I know?
Here's a view of the Auld Grey Town, otherwise known as Kendal.  We had just got on the footpath at this point
This picture was taken on the way back down.  It's of the pub at the end of the lane.  We haven't been in here since I won my rosette and cup for "Best Rescue Dog" at their dog show two years ago.  It's about time we had a return visit.  I'm told the food is good!  Funny it's called the Station Inn as the station is down the hill!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

It's been a while

Oh the tale of woe..........
Actually I had a poorly paw which meant I couldn't walk too far, then mistress started to work in the afternoons as well so longish walks went out of the window for a while. 
Yesterday however we went out with with mistress' friend and her friend and dog, Sula the collie.  This was their territory.  We did a 5 mile circuit of the Dales Way, leaving one car by a big viaduct at Firbank and starting out from near Docker Brow on the A685.
This was the view once we hit the foot path.
And another view of the surrounding mountains of the Howgills, I think!
Here's mistress' friends and Sula.  I got on with her all right but being a collie she did what she was told whereas I .........
got myself into trouble twice.  We had to negociate several fields of cattle which was OK once we shooed them away but we also had a narrow bit of footpath through a gap in an electric fence.  I didn't want to go but they made me.  Oh I did yelp when I danced backwards into the fence.  Nearly made my hair stand on end.  I did walk better afterwards though. 
The only other problem on this walk was the number of stiles, both stone and wooden.  I dislike going up over these intensly and oh the indignity of being hoisted up and over by mistress who isn't quite as strong as she thought she was.  It was most un-doglike for a hound like myself. 
There was lots of mud about and I was covered up my lovely long legs onto my belly.  I decided the best way was to accept that as a beauty treatment.  Mistress' legs were covered in mud as well when she sank into a boggy bit.  That was funny but I didn't laugh too loud.  I also had a mouthful of sheep poo.
The viaduct was a welcome sight.  Mistres said we should explore it further one day.  I think that should only happen if we don't have to climb any stiles and there aren't any cattle about.  Funny thing they all walked much quicker through the fields of cows!