Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yesterday and today

This was yesterday looking to Natland village to the left and Kendal to the right, taken from the Helme.  Seems to have become our regular Saturday walk!

Today we went over to the Rusland valley with the mistress' friend.  She walked Henry dog and I stayed with mistress. Dont we both look alert? There was the promise of an apple core!
This is the hamlet of Oxen Park taken from a bridlepath we followed.  Mistress decided we had to stick to bridlepaths as there are too many stiles on the footpaths and she knew she'd never lift Henry over one.  Anyway being lifted is the MOST undignified thing for a dog!
A few of the local inhabitants, fortunately these were on the other side of a wall.  And below some more native animals,  followed by a wider view of the scenery.

We walked for over two and a half hours in sunshine and the temperature was high enough for mistress to take her jacket off!  I just take it in my stride of course. 
Mistress certainly strode out, often through the mud!  The first part of the walk was through some rather boggy areas and some streams.  I have got used to walking through water now, I'm not always too keen given that I used to avoid water at all costs but it's not so bad now.  Henry of course loves water. But I'm not Henry.
Don't we take a good picture?  This is just to prove that we do go out of town!  We also found these poppies and a "pretty" thistle.
There you have it - more pictures and less writing!  I'm a little tired now after all that fresh air.  Henry was really tired and fell asleep pretty much straight after we got back.  He's gone home now and I've got my house back to myself.  Henry's no bother though, just makes walking harder whenthe master takes us out.  He can't cope with two leads.

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