Saturday, September 29, 2012

Silly mistress

She forgot to take any pictures.  Mind you all four of my paws were covered in mud, not my best look!  We explored a couple of bridlepaths not far from home.  We had to turn back on the first one as there were cattle showing too much interest in us.  The second one we did walk past some cows but they were too busy eating to bother us.  We ended up walking along a country lane, called Beehive Lane, near Old Hutton.  Very nice it was too, somewhere to explore further another day.  If you look on Google maps and search Beehive Lane, Kendal, LA8 then drag the little yellow man to the cross roads you get an idea of the landscape here.  Quite gentle hills, just right when a strenuous walk isn't required - that happens when the mistress gets confused!
Home to tea and a lie down.  Mistress however found she had to prick lots of sloes for this years gin, and tidy up after the master who was busy cooking and then he started baking so more mess for mistress.  But she tells me the food was good so she can't complain really!

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