Saturday, December 29, 2012

Woodland walks

So I've been away for a while, it's been raining very wet rain & not good for picture taking.  Before Christmas I went for walks in the woods over at Witherslack with mistress and her friend who lives there.  I like going there as I can walk run off lead in many of the woodlands.  I always go back and check mistress is still there of course.  She keeps telling me I'm a good boy which I know.
Simba came to stay for Christmas Eve and when young mistress got the vacuum out Christmas morning Simba got in the way and young mistress told her off so she went to sulk on a chair!!
I got a big chewy bone as a present but it didn't last long as I have big strong jaws!!

Today we went to another wood at Witherslack and it poured down, so we splashed through the puddles.  I've got over my dislike of rain if it means fun outside.  I just don't like going out in it if it's a routine walk!
When we got home I wanted to help master make the pastry for a steak pie but somwhow it didn't quite work out..................