Monday, August 06, 2012

Combined recent walks

Gosh, the mistress is behind with things, it's been a whole week since I wrote the last blog post.  To be fair this working afternoons has proved she has lost any organisation she once may have had! Woof, she does still remember to feed me though.

We walked the Helme a couple more times during the week.  (Now she's having trouble loading the pictures.  This is the second laptop she's had me try working on.  This is the hill we have to walk up to get to the fell.  Funny but it doesn't look half as steep here as it seems in reality!
We went further on Friday again, out for a whole two hours after the mistress came home from work.  I'm having trouble with these later walks, I really want my tea first but that's because the master has been taking me on a sneaky run out with my ball after lunch!!  He only went and snitched on me on Saturday!  Still, back to Friday.  We went along a busy country road onto a quieter road and past a country house where the mistress once lived in a flat with her friend many years ago, like thirty years ago apparently.  It was rather nice there though.  I would have liked to explore but it was private property so we kept walking.  The views were good and lots of different sniffs. 
Then they found a footpath they had to explore in the interest of future walks they said!  But the mistresses friend said it was somewhere they could take me in the car if they were short of time (and energy!). 
Today the mistress and I took a short walk along the old tow path again, I didn't feel like going far, I wanted my tea!  Would you believe there's a busy road at the top of this path?

Finally a pic of my old mate Scamp.  His mistress is my mistress' best friend.  He's an old man now and not well but still chases me around his orchard when I visit.