Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rain, rain go away

I really am not keen on walking in the rain. Especially when accompanied by a howling gale. We drove to Chapel House wood near Newby Bridge so there was some respite but I don't like my ears blown around very much. Friend Pika came too & we dried off in front of his open fire (and I chewed his bone).  No pics it was too wet for mistress to even think about taking a camera.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

i wonder if..

....... I can post from the mistresses Kindle?  Photos may be a problem but hey I can write!
A lie in tomorrow. Yeah. Young master will take me out with the ball in the morning. Mistress has walked me 2.5 miles the last 3 mornings before work, in the dark,  at a pace.  This morning I registered my protest by repeatedly sitting down.  Didn't work. I was unceremoniously dragged along. I'm sure she's on a mission to get herself fit / lose weight. Hope the master can start walking me more soon if his foot gets better. I think mistress is secretly hoping so too!  Night. Night.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Try again

2014 was a year I said hello to new friends & goodbye to old ones.  That's life.
Mistresses good friend - the one at Witherslack with the good woodland walks close by - said hello to Kruger her Mums old dog who she could no longer look after.  He was a lovely old boy, sadly didn't have long for this world but a loving home to end his days.  Couldn't ask for any more than that.
Mistress has seriously messed up & lost pictures of him!
However he was a relative of Pika who now resides at Witherslack.  Pika is a retired stud dog & mistress says he is such a gentleman.  Whatever one of those is?

We said goodbye to young mistresses dog Simba.  She stayed with me sometimes.  Mistress stayed with her at the vets & held her paw.  Seems she's lost those photos too.  Really.
RIP Simba.
Master is currently unable to walk me due to having had an operation so mistress takes me out before she goes to work & again when she comes home.  We haven't told her master takes me out with the ball in the afternoon!!
Young master is now at college, wants to work with electric or something but mistress thinks he may join the army.  He did scrub up well for his school prom though. 

Well I'm going to try & get back on track with this blog m'larkey.  Mistress has a new camera lens & a bag to carry it all in so as long as it stops raining soon there will be more pics.
This was taken last Sunday.