Monday, July 30, 2012

A late start today

Mistress has started a new job which means she can't take me out until later now.  I was ready for my walk today & set off at a cracking pace until we got to the hill when mistress had to slow me down so she could keep up!
Back up the Helme again but a different route, up a steeper bit near the start instead of the gentle stroll we've got used to.  Nice views though.

Once again it was windy at the top, plays havoc with my ears you know!

Oh don't I look handsome?  If only mistress wouldn't put that nose halter on, I'm sure she'd feel better if I pulled her up the hill.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Woof, woof

 Wouldn't you think the master and mistress would be used to me waking them by now?  If they aren't downstairs at a time that seems right to me I whine.  Loudly.  Then one of them come to give me breakfast and make a cup of tea.  Then I thunder upstairs to wake the other one.  Surely they can hear me coming?  It seems not, I launch myself onto the bed and they look so surprised to see me.  If they don't move I sit on them until they do!  If that doesn't work I bark very loudly, they have to move then.  As soon as they get their act together I lie down.  I like that bed, it's comfy.  Sometimes if master is away I settle up there with the mistress until she is ready to sleep but she fidgets too much for me to stay there.  It has been known for the cat to sleep there as well but it makes the bed a bit crowded, it's bad enough having to share the settee with that cat.  And when Henners or Simba stay they want to share as well.
Looking ahead, apparently later in the year we're going travelling so mistress found a site that tells me all about other walks. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


What a lovely day afternoon walk the mistress and I took today.  She took me out in the car which I like now - I never used to but now I know I always end up back at home I don't mind.  We went to Rusland and the mistress told me how she used to enjoy caravan holidays here with her Mum and Dad. We walked around the church yard where mistress got a little upset when she told me her Dad's ashes were scattered here.  It was a lovely view from up there.
Then we crossed the road and mistress persuaded me to climb some narrow steps up the side of a stone wall.  It took some doing but I was glad I was brave as we then went into the woods.

Lots of sunshine and dappled shade then some muddy bits and then views of a big stream!
Then on the way back mistress saw the caravan site she used to stay at.

So she got all sentimental reminiscing about her youth!! Apparently you can see deer from the caravans when they come down from the woods.  On the way back down the valley we stopped suddenly when mistress saw a buzzard hovering.  By the time she had the camera out it had flown off!!  Got to laugh HA HA

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woof, woof
Well that wasn't much of a weekend for walks.  They even left for me for a morning so they could go fishing!  Not, I believe that the master caught anything other than a bad temper.  Young master did though!  Ha Ha!!
Monday, mistress took me back up the Helme again with the same old dull grey views & she forgot the camera.  Huh.  It was windy & my ears don't look their best flapping in the breeze.
Yesterday the mistress and her friend took me to Hest Bank (where's that?).  We walked along the shore, along a lane and around the back of Bolton le Sands along the canal towpath.  It was several miles and the mistress and friend talked, and then talked somemore.  Discussing the houses we passed and what a good boy I was.  I always am.  Then we had to wait at a level crossing for some noisy trains to pass.  I didn't mind but they had the nerve to buy an ice cream each and not give me any.  Still no photos as mistress said the weather was too bad to even consider getting the camera out.  It was wet, that horrible fine stuff - mizzle - mistress's friend called it.  No lovely views over Morecambe Bay at all, just that horrible clag as mistress said.  But they want to do the walk again in better weather so I'll get another photo shoot with lovely views behind.  That's the theory anyway.
BUT I do have a picture of me hard at work.  That's my mate Henners in the background.  Not sure he's as computer literate as I am.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Further on Fridays

Woof, woof.  Mistress's friend comes over nearly every Friday and we usually go further on our walks.  It does them good you see, fresh air and exercise. 

 Today we walked up to Kendal Castle, they admired the views and talked a lot.  A very lot.  I only sat down once and that was because I didn't want to leave the grass! 

We had a quick look in Fletcher Park at the carved tree trunk throne, done with a chainsaw I'm told.

Then we came down and walked along the old canal path and round where we went yesterday.  Then I fell asleep when we got home.   I woke up and thought I'd chase the cat but young master told me off.  He's far too fond of that cat!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Short pleasures

Woof, hello!  Another dull day and what could have been a boring walk.  Mistress said she couldn't take me far as she has to go back to work in an hour so we walked along the old canal path -there's no water there now - out towards the countryside and back along a lane.  Just a couple of miles, if that.  Mistress tells me I need a variety of walks on different surfaces with different smells for me.  Does me good apparently - the walk not the smells!
On the way we cross a main road with a pedestrain island in the middle.  A fire engine came along with it's blue lights flashing and making a noise.  Mistress calls it a two-tone siren - blues and twos!  BUT they saw me and switched the siren off until they had gone past.  I wasn't scared of it I just wanted a closer look.  Still once across the road we went down the canal path, I wanted to go back and see the fire engine but mistress wouldn't let me.  There are plenty of interesting smells along here but mistress said we hadn't time to stop at every blade of grass!  She wouldn't let me eat the discarded sandwich either.  Sometimes she's no fun.
We walked back along the lane and on a short footpath alongside the big supermarket they sometimes take me to and then tie me up outside while they go in .................. I'm sure I could help them shop in there but I haven't managed to get in yet.  One day I'll figure out how to untie myself and follow them in.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Woof, woof.  Hello & welcome to my blog.  My name is Dillon & I live with master & mistress & young master on the south east edge of the English Lake District.  I love eating, sleeping and going for walks.  I was rescued apparently and now I no longer live in a cage that I can't get out of.  I like to run but mistress doesn't like it when I run out of sight for very long as she says she's frightened I will get lost or hurt.  I just run because I like running & the freedom it gives me.  I have lived here for three years now & as mistress says "I could have gone to a worse home".

This was taken today on the Helme, a small fell near my house.  I was resting, it's hard work you know being Dillon.  Really I didn't want to go home I wanted to run, but mistress says I'll run off up here as it's so wide open.  Still the views were OK even if the weather was dull & windy.