Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woof, woof
Well that wasn't much of a weekend for walks.  They even left for me for a morning so they could go fishing!  Not, I believe that the master caught anything other than a bad temper.  Young master did though!  Ha Ha!!
Monday, mistress took me back up the Helme again with the same old dull grey views & she forgot the camera.  Huh.  It was windy & my ears don't look their best flapping in the breeze.
Yesterday the mistress and her friend took me to Hest Bank (where's that?).  We walked along the shore, along a lane and around the back of Bolton le Sands along the canal towpath.  It was several miles and the mistress and friend talked, and then talked somemore.  Discussing the houses we passed and what a good boy I was.  I always am.  Then we had to wait at a level crossing for some noisy trains to pass.  I didn't mind but they had the nerve to buy an ice cream each and not give me any.  Still no photos as mistress said the weather was too bad to even consider getting the camera out.  It was wet, that horrible fine stuff - mizzle - mistress's friend called it.  No lovely views over Morecambe Bay at all, just that horrible clag as mistress said.  But they want to do the walk again in better weather so I'll get another photo shoot with lovely views behind.  That's the theory anyway.
BUT I do have a picture of me hard at work.  That's my mate Henners in the background.  Not sure he's as computer literate as I am.

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