Thursday, July 19, 2012

Short pleasures

Woof, hello!  Another dull day and what could have been a boring walk.  Mistress said she couldn't take me far as she has to go back to work in an hour so we walked along the old canal path -there's no water there now - out towards the countryside and back along a lane.  Just a couple of miles, if that.  Mistress tells me I need a variety of walks on different surfaces with different smells for me.  Does me good apparently - the walk not the smells!
On the way we cross a main road with a pedestrain island in the middle.  A fire engine came along with it's blue lights flashing and making a noise.  Mistress calls it a two-tone siren - blues and twos!  BUT they saw me and switched the siren off until they had gone past.  I wasn't scared of it I just wanted a closer look.  Still once across the road we went down the canal path, I wanted to go back and see the fire engine but mistress wouldn't let me.  There are plenty of interesting smells along here but mistress said we hadn't time to stop at every blade of grass!  She wouldn't let me eat the discarded sandwich either.  Sometimes she's no fun.
We walked back along the lane and on a short footpath alongside the big supermarket they sometimes take me to and then tie me up outside while they go in .................. I'm sure I could help them shop in there but I haven't managed to get in yet.  One day I'll figure out how to untie myself and follow them in.

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