Friday, July 27, 2012


What a lovely day afternoon walk the mistress and I took today.  She took me out in the car which I like now - I never used to but now I know I always end up back at home I don't mind.  We went to Rusland and the mistress told me how she used to enjoy caravan holidays here with her Mum and Dad. We walked around the church yard where mistress got a little upset when she told me her Dad's ashes were scattered here.  It was a lovely view from up there.
Then we crossed the road and mistress persuaded me to climb some narrow steps up the side of a stone wall.  It took some doing but I was glad I was brave as we then went into the woods.

Lots of sunshine and dappled shade then some muddy bits and then views of a big stream!
Then on the way back mistress saw the caravan site she used to stay at.

So she got all sentimental reminiscing about her youth!! Apparently you can see deer from the caravans when they come down from the woods.  On the way back down the valley we stopped suddenly when mistress saw a buzzard hovering.  By the time she had the camera out it had flown off!!  Got to laugh HA HA

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