Friday, November 02, 2012

Half term holiday

 What a great week!  The journey was a pain, I was stuck in the back of a car for hours!!  Well we did stop to stretch our legs twice.  The second time I met two other dogs at someones house.  (The mistress said it was her cousin Sharon's place)
When we arrived at the caravan site, Sunnydale, master took me to explore in the dark!!  so next day we all went for a long walk on the dunes.  I could run for miles, well if they hadn't kept calling me back I could have done. 
I did a big dive off a pill box but the mistress missed the landing.

Master took me for a long walk one afternoon and I managed to run off twice, once with a dead bird and once with a dead rabbit.  Dillon two, master one.  Ha!

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