Sunday, July 12, 2015

Somewhere different

That's where we went today!  Parked the car near The Watermill at Ings.  Sure I heard it was dog friendly but they didn't take me there!  In fact we crossed the main road & went up a lane past the Ings Mill Caravan Park.  We kept going up before turning on to a bridle path that took us across several fields of sheep where I was kept on a lead.  Apart from one when I found a dead rabbit to eat & of course I will not go back to mistress until I have finished. She left me so I had to be quick & play catch up!
Eventually we got to an enclosed bridle path signposted Kentmere Hall.  The views were pretty impressive & of course Pika & I had freedom to run.
We had a steep stony path to walk down after we had passed some new barn conversions.  Once again mistress thinks it would be cool to live in the countryside.  If there's lots of fields I can run about in then I agree with her.

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