Sunday, July 05, 2015

Soggy Doggy

That was me.  Very damp indeed.  It tipped it down for the last half mile of our walk back from up the "noddle"  Yewbarrow for non locals. I class myself as a local now, we've been to Witherslack so many times I think it is mistresses second home!  The views were good as the sun was out on the top.  The Kent Estuary was clear as was Ingleborough in the distance.  The school children have shelters built in the woods on the way up where they have outdoor lessons.  Mistress says it must be great to have lessons on the outdoors in the outdoors!  Whatever that means!
Of the course she didn't think to get her phone camera out so no pictures & the ones she took up there last year can't be found!! Still no doubt we'll go up there again sometime.
There are a couple of photos of me taken yesterday on the playing field near home.

I found a ball which I refused to give up until after I had been in the stream for a lie down

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